France Lotto Results, Payouts: Wednesday, 21 September 2022

The latest results of the French Lotto in France and France Lotto in France have ended after the draw on Wednesday, 21 September 2022.

France Lotto Results

The winning numbers for the France Lotto draw, and therefore the France Lotto results for Wednesday, 21 September 2022, were:

3, 9, 12, 22, 37 Bonus Ball: 10

It is worth noting that the numbers that win the most draws, according to France Lotto results, remain largely the same, and are: 41, 22, 13, 38, 15 and 29 – with 16 bubbling under. The smallest number is 19, which is drawn only 193 times.

France Lotto Pay

Like last Wednesday, the France Lotto draw will take place on 21 September 2022 Produced zero jackpot winners, i.e. Division One (five correct numbers + bonus ball).

were there three Winner in Division 2 (five correct numbers). Each winner got a prize money of €61 918,00 (R1 082 108,25).

Also, total 56 People managed to guess the four correct numbers and the bonus ball, and they went away with the sum of €809,60 (R14 146,12 .), each for his efforts.

Meanwhile, at the lower end of the winning table, some 260 310 People just managed to match the bonus ball, or a number plus bonus, and they win €2.20 (R38,43) each.

The rest of the France Lotto payouts for the draw on 21 September 2022 were as follows:

4 correct numbers €245,10 (667 recorded winners)
3 correct numbers + bonus ball €49,70 (1964 entered winner)
3 perfect numbers €13,80 (25 430 recorded winners)
2 correct numbers + bonus ball €11.70 (23 319 recorded winners)
2 correct numbers €3.60 (295 907 recorded winners)

Next France Lotto Jackpot and Draw

The next France lotto jackpot amount according to the Française des Jeux is on €4 million (almost R69.8 million,

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