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NECO Registration 2022 Portal (, Registration Form Price, Requirements & Deadline. This article contains information about NECO Registration 2022 requirements, cost of registration, deadline, etc. So if you are interested in taking the exam this year, it will be in your interest to read it carefully.

NECO Registration Requirements 2022

If you are going to take the NECO exam then you have to fulfill the following requirements

1. You must be enrolled in a senior secondary school, whether public or private, prior to your registration.

2. You must have a valid and active email address (to which you have access, Gmail is highly recommended) and phone number.

3. You should have all the necessary information and documents ready for registration and ensure that they are correct.

4. You should have your registration fee ready.

5. Proper and adequate study to ensure good grades in the end.

How to register for NECO 2022

Below are the steps involved in registering for your NECO Exams 2022

Firstly, pay your registration fee before proceeding to register through NECO registration portal.

For internal candidates (i.e. students enrolled in the school they are registering with);

  • Your registration . must be done through
  • Proceed to select “Visit SSCE internal site” from the drop-down menu.
  • Provide your Username, Password and the person helping with your registration should provide your Operator ID
  • On the registration dashboard, click “Login” to finish.

For external/private candidates;

  • Your registration must be done through
  • Tap on “Visit SSCE External Site” option to continue.
  • Provide your username and password in the blank spaces as requested.
  • Click “Login”.

for both sets of candidates;

You will need to provide your passport and obtain your fingerprints for registration.

Note that failure to obtain your biometric thumbprinting will result in you being denied entry to the examination hall, even if you have paid your registration fee.

NECO Verification and Verification of Registration 2022

Your registration needs to be followed up to ensure this and you can do so by visiting

° Fill in your school number and registration number as requested.

° Proceed to click “Search” to verify your registration.

NECO Registration Form 2022 Price

Irrespective of whether you are an internal or external/private candidate, the cost of registration for NECO Exams 2022 is only a nonrefundable sum of Twelve Thousand Naira (N12,000).

To make the payment you will need to get a draft, either through the school in which you are enrolled or through a bank draft. NECO or NIPOST office also payment options are available for the candidates.

NECO Registration Deadline 2022

National Council of Examinations (NECO) 2022 Forms will start selling on 30th March, 2022 and hence it is time to prepare everything you need for your registration, especially the registration fee.

The registration deadline has been set as 21st June which will be around three months after the start date, enough time for you to register successfully.

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