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Peter Obie News for Today 2022 – See below to read Mr. Peter Gregory Obie news and the latest updates on Peter Obie. This article will provide you with the latest news updates on the Labor Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obie.

Peter Obie news is what we’re serving you today, so if you’re wondering what’s new about him, we’ve taken the time to carefully compile all the latest news on the presidential candidate.

Peter Obi- Labor Party presidential candidate

A few months ago, Peter Obi won the Labor Party presidential ticket and as a result, is set to contest for the seat of Nigeria’s number one citizen in the upcoming 2023 general elections. His running mate from Kaduna State, Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed, will be his vice president if he wins.

The man, Peter Obi was the acting governor of Anambra State and is now running for the seat of President of Nigeria under the umbrella of the Labor Party.

Mr. Peter Obie was not the Labor Party’s only presidential candidate, but others decided it was best to step down and give him the ticket.

“Therefore, I have chosen a path that I believe to be in line with my aspirations and my mantra of taking the country from consumption to production; And it is the Labor Party that is synonymous with people, workers, developing, producing, securing and uniting Nigerians as one family.” This was dropped from his speech after securing the LP ticket.

Mr. Peter Gregory Obie went on to win the Labor Party presidential ticket unopposed by other members of the Labor Party in order to contest the next year’s presidential seat.

The presidential race is looking quite tough considering the lineup of contestants and Peter Obi’s chances of winning the election in February 2023 will depend on several factors such as the ability of his running mate, his campaign coordinator, youth leader etc.

Initially, Peter Obi’s ambition to run for the presidency was ridiculed by the two major parties and tagged ‘a social media sensation’. However, the tides are turning fast, and Peter Obie, so the Labor Party is playing the Third Force card quite nicely, forcing the opposition and opponents to sit down and pay attention.

From the looks of things, the upcoming 2023 presidential election will not be as business as ever, as we sink or swim, depending directly on who emerges as the winner of the presidential race next year .

Peter Obi at the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) Conference

Mr. Peter Obie is one of the top three presidential candidates who were invited to the NBA convention yesterday and came dressed in his black caftan.

When given the opportunity he spoke during the conference and was widely accepted by the attendees.

Again, the presidential election is going to be tough… Until then, we’ll keep bringing you updates.

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