Pick 3 Results Checker

If you played Pick 3, enter your numbers in this checker to find out if you won. To use the checker just choose your three numbers at the bottom and confirm play type. It is important that you enter your numbers in the order you chose them, as straight bets require you to match the winning combinations in that order.

Once you have entered your numbers, choose how many days of draws you want to check and whether you want to check 1pm draws, 6pm draws, 9pm draws or all draws. So that the correct prize money is displayed, also choose the size of your bet (€0.50 for most plays or €1 – between €1.50 and €6 for combos).

Please note that the results displayed by this checker do not serve as sufficient proof that you have won the prize. You must have purchased an entry for the draw to take place at the specific time and date to be paid.

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